Monday, November 13, 2006

Calling Out To The Falling Tree With No One To Hear It

I've lately been thinking about the nature of interaction on the Internet. As I've stated in a previous posting, the Internet is what you make of it. Some people make it a business venture. Others make it their way to torture all of those they can't hurt in the "real" world. Even more make it a portal to reach out in a bid to connect with someone of like mind.

I stop myself once in a great while and ask, "Why am I out here?" I don't care to make money at this, though that would be fine. And I've been on the receiving end of the jackasses who like to punish people online, and I just can't do that. To be honest, I've yet to find anyone of a like mind out here.

But I continue to put in an appearance. I keep posting even though it seems only one person has deigned to read this sad little blog. I find myself thinking about what to write as I peel off another day of my life at my job. And every time I get on here, no matter what I had in mind to write, I find myself choking on the desire to express something I have no words for. As if, once articulated, reality could shift to what it should be. For me at least.

The only thing I can possibly imagine this feeling to be is hope. The constant hope of finding that one person, that one site, that one bulletin board posting that will let me breathe deep again and feel things, at least somewhere, are right, and that I'm not flailing with no purpose.


Anonymous said...

ah the gothic row so much to give to the right person i must admit it makes me wonder where life will be in ten or twenty years the internet is interaction it takes away some of the loneliness people feel when they come home to a empty house even if they are living with family or a roommate or a best friend it's still an empty house because there is no love and love is what we ultimatly desire although you can love family and friends it's not the same as with the one person you can call yours it's the little quirks in a relationship that makes love special

Gothic Rowena said...

Your words intrigue me. Pray, speak more, so that I may know you, and, in turn, you should learn of me.