Thursday, July 26, 2007

So Totally About Nothing

Well, this isn't the first time I've found myself spinning my wheels in life. What's that? You missed something? Oh, I've just been a total waste of space for quite some time. Eh, ask my friends and they'll probably say that's been the case since birth.

In a fit of blahness, I went to Hot Or Not and signed up. No, I'm not giving you the direct link. Two reasons: One, you don't need to know what I look like so piss off, and, two, I've already taken my profile and photos down. Oh, I got good ratings, for what it was worth. But I also got a boatload of horny guys, mostly Middle Eastern, who wanted to chat me up. The creepiest was some bland guy from here in the USA. He wrote and asked me what I thought of his profile comments. I wrote back with some flippant comment. He responded with "Oh, I see, you're funny. Seriously, what did you think of my profile comments?" Insecure or just weird? Didn't care, and that was what drove me away. My mom always said, "Don't talk to crazy people. It just encourages them."

Otherwise, I'm good. Not that you care. Since there is no you. Sadistic bunch of nothing.

Ah, to hell with you. I'm going to work myself up and off, then go to bed. Good night.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Pointless Immigration Comments

Okay, so this whole immigration thing just isn't going away, huh? You've got people screaming that we are rewarding the illegal immigrants with the plan that is before Congress, that it is little more than total amnesty. Then you have others saying that it doesn't go far enough, that the fees required by the plan are punishment.

Let me clarify my take on this before I add my penny's worth of thought. If people enter a country through any means other than those required to gain citizenship, then they have violated the law. That makes them illegal in the eyes of the country's laws. We aren't going to quibble over who fought at the Alamo and all of that history. History is full of people being pushed around. That is human nature and no amount of political backpedalling will ever change that. I don't see my Celtic ancestors demanding their lands back in Europe. So, you enter a country according to its laws, or accept the fact you have violated that country's laws and deal with the fallout, no matter how much it sucks.

Having said that, I do believe that anything akin to rounding up all of the illegal immigrants and shipping them out of the country smacks of fascist nonsense. Offer the olive branch, set a deadline (a fair and generous one) for all illegals to step up and join the citizenship program, then make anyone who avoided that deadline fair game for deportation. You are attempting to make people respect the laws without being evil. You are giving them options. It is then their choice.

But, I have one big problem with any plan to make illegal immigrants full citizens, and I have yet to see this topic broached in the mainstream media. I hear liberals claiming Bush and his posse want to push this plan through so that they can maintain the cheap labor base that the major corporations exploit to make their profits. Okay. I admit to being a Democrat, but the flaw I see in this whole thing is that once these people become American citizens, they will then have to paid like American citizens and will have the ability to take legal recourse to get that pay. Cheap labor is gone. Prices will soar. And we will have an even larger base of working poor being crushed by an imbalanced economy. This will push more people into the welfare state, which will cripple the government even more.

This isn't the fault of the people who come to this country seeking better pay and safety. This IS the handiwork of a government that has consistently done everything it can to keep the boot on the neck of the working class. So we have really piss-poor options being offered to us: Exploit the illegal immigrants or use shortsighted legislation to further repress the economy.

And to think we voted these people into office. Who are the REAL idiots?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rattling A Dead Man's Chains

Yeah, like I'm good at keeping my promises. Okay, there were no "promises". I quite making promises many years ago. Why? Long story, for another time. Someone remind me to tell it. Yeah, like that'll happen.

Sarcasm abounds in my posts. But there are a few things that I find I can be completely sober about.

1. What in hell is wrong with both major political parties? Okay, I admit to never having been a fan of the Republican party. Still, I mean, what the fuck, people?!?!?!? You guys are taking the Bill Of Rights and wiping your collective asses with it. Stop it. Now. And you want to know WHY? You do NOT want the American public to become aware and organized. As long as the public is fractionized (Is that a real word?), they are workable, as well as gullible, because they will never sit down together conservative with liberal, pro-life with pro-choice, Ann Coulter fan with Maureen Dowd groupie and put two and two together. Keep blatantly screwing up as well as screwing over the American public, and you WILL see the country become organized. And when they take the time to realize the government is By the People, Of the People, And FOR THE PEOPLE, they will kick down your playhouse. Then, your only resort to maintain power will to declare a terrorist takeover of the government, and then you better hope the armed forces will still trust you. But then, there will always be the whole Walter Reed VA Hospital disgrace....

2. What the hell is wrong with you Democrats? (Had to break this rant apart from the other to avoid the Paragraph From Hell) The Republican Party is basically handing you a landslide in most future elections and you can't find one upstanding person for the Democratic face other than Obama. No offense meant to the man. I like him, but his lack of experience will be the breaking point of his campaign. Every other "old school" Democrat is currently being riddled with ethical holes, or they are finding skeletons in closets that Timmy on "South Park" could easily bury better. And drop the fanatical liberal stance. You will only win over the public with a moderate tone and use the power of office to SLOWLY shift the country to a more liberal position. Stupid, stupid!

Okay, enough. Any more and I'll say things that will get me flagged by the CIA and FBI. Like I really want them sticking their noses into my private life. (Okay, that's sarcasm because we all know they have been sifting through our electronic lives for years now, and it seems like each week we find out how widespread it is, yet we don't demand these politicians who approve this crap to be ousted from office.

We are sheep, truly awaiting the wolves with open arms of ignorance.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Back From The Dead -- AGAIN!!

I know that I've been gone. Stories to tell. None of them grand, and I am not the hero in any of them. But, that is for another time. I just want to let the one wayward soul who might have been reading this know that the Gothic Row is still at large.

I've found that I don't do holidays well. I don't like the forced nice I have to give forth. I smile at those I want to smile at. I feel happy when I feel happy. So do not take offence when I say "Have a great end of the year" to your "Merry Christmas". Don't push for validation of your good cheer or noble intentions. The offering of your good wishes should be enough. What I do with them, if anything, is my business.

The other thing I've found is that I can sleep in a room full of people and appear to be listening. Handy thing to learn. The proper propping of the head is the key. Oh, and you have to have hair long enough that it can be in your face and not look unusual. I have a known habit of chewing on my hair. (I've really quit doing it after an incident with bowel cramps that resulted in me crapping a mass of compacted hair. That's the closest I've ever come to passing out.) The habit makes it not unusual for me to have hair in my face.

Drool, however, is another problem....

Oh, and if you have relatives who seem to think that you are an old maid because you weren't married two days out of high school with a baby every year after that, I can offer an almost foolproof way to make them shut up. I had three relatives (aunt and two cousins) doing the "tsk tsk" over my unmarried state. Finally, just when I was ready to scream, one of them said something like "Hasn't there been anyone you've even been interested in?" I responded, in a very clam tone, "Well, there was this one guy. So pretty and smart. But I kinda lost interest when he asked me to shit on his chest while giving him a blow job. Maybe I should look him up." No one but uncles talked to me the rest of the time, and they just wanted me to laugh at their jokes. I can handle that.

By the way, that story about the guy who wanted me to shit on him...sadly true. And, no, I didn't.