Monday, December 04, 2006

I AM Still Alive

Not that anyone has noticed (and bite me, even though you aren't here to read that), but I've been AWOL. Sorry. Nothing belittles a humble blog like the person writing it NOT showing up. Actually, my apology is to myself. I'm the only one I'm hurting. I oughta kick my ass for hurting me, but I'm both a pacifist and into avoiding pain, so that cancels that out on both ends.

But, not to be a tease, because that is an ugly thing to call a woman these days (We prefer the term "sexually ambivalent to your needs and/or wants"), but I'll make you aware of likely subjects coming soon. 1. "Mr. Walking Penis"--the office ladies man at work, 2. the time I wandered into the Netherworld of nerd caffeine junkies. Hope you can hold out until then, my pretties.