Sunday, November 19, 2006

All The News That's Fit To Be Tied

While this is not a political blog, a person as far out of the political loop as myself still tends to be hit between the eyes with some of the most ridiculous crap that passes as normal behavior for the asses who hold office in this country. And I'm not just shaking a finger at the federal folks. We are talking about twits at almost every level.

I find it frightening that we tend to turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior. Since this nonsense happens every time, it is to be expected that we would see it as a pattern, shrug our collective shoulders and look for something new on the Britney Spears horizon. But here is one pattern that I've noticed that really cooks my ass.

First, there is something amiss with a person in office. When confronted with vague (or even not so vague) evidence of something wrong, the official tends to say something like, "My staff haven't made this available to me," or "I can't honestly respond until I research this a bit more." Obvious stall tactics.

Then the situation has blossomed and can't really be ignored. The official denies the whole thing, even going so far as to point fingers at the opposing political party or more directly at a public enemy of their office.

This is followed by a partial admission. "Well, I did spend three nights with the young man, but nothing happened." This opens the gates a bit wider and even more evidence tumbles in. "I did sleep with him, but the young man instigated everything, even though I protested."

By this time, there are porn videos of the official bitch-slapping the teen around and shouting, "Who's your momma?!?" The next statement follows one of two directions. Usually, there is the offer of "I have a drinking/drug problem. As if they had no control over themselves. Yeah. But, if the whole thing is sexual by nature, the drinking is usually followed with, "I was molested as a child by (Fill In The Blank)." Yeah, that'll shut them up.

Here's just a suggestion: Why can't we just dump these bastards into a pit the minute they offer up the "My staff hasn't made me aware of this" comment? A blind, tone-deaf, lobotomized hermit with crippling Downs Syndrome can see where such a situation is heading, so why should we have to listen to this shit, not to mention finance it as well.

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